Sooner or later everything links to each other and falls into place.



You and I

You and I
we left from the same place
ended up in different directions
traveled through some rocky roads
guess it’s you I’ve missed the most

You and I
it’s been twenty years of life
everything had its meaning
the boys the girls the lights in the night sky
got me never thinking why

You and I
landing in the same place
with memories from all the directions
rocky roads becoming steady
suddenly life ain’t that heavy.


Signs II

Signs all over the place and I was standing still

Always looking for an easy thrill.

Signs all over my body so I kept myself busy

Sunrise used to make me dizzy.


One day He woke me up and opened my eyes

They say it can be a turning point in life.






Should I take a plane to Tokyo

to fall asleep in a cherry park

Should I wake up in Tehran

and say ‘sobh bekheir’ my love

Or should I take the road to Berlin

and give up for the original sin.





She wanders in the meadow  

seven flowers in her hands.

On the way home,

a bonfire burns. 

She stops along the river 

naked, wets her hand. 

The gifts from the meadow, 

she places under her pillow.  

In the dream she sees,

her husband to be. 

Until the morning rises,

and so shall she.