I believe in many things ;)

I believe that some things never truly heal in your life

Some memories will remain broken  in your heart while you still try to pick up the pieces as though they were  broken wings of an angel you think

is necessary to save


I believe that every summer has its story

Even the ones after you realize  you forgot to live at the fullest and do creative things like you promised in the beginning of the coming season


I believe almost everything could be forgiven but nothing can be forgotten

Forgiveness is actually what you do for yourself to move on, but after having forgiven someone, seeing the person will never be exactly the same


I believe the sky is full of millions of starts but you only pick some of them in your heart

It is easier to handle the love, hate and all the things between them than it is to carry the weight of all the stars inside


And I honestly believe everything happens for a reason

The time I stepped into an anthill and got a nail into my skin when I was a kid

or even the time when I almost collapsed or made a broken heart for someone




4 thoughts on “I believe in many things ;)

  1. I perceive that the human brain has no natural mechanism to forget things. But it is only limited to engage with only a certain number of thoughts in parallel. So the other things are disengaged but not forgotten. So only way to forget old is to engage with good things constantly.


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