Cherry trees in my dreams

You know there’s this dream of mine

Took me a while to understand what I want

When I see the happy couple holding hands

and their sweet white home with the cherry trees at the yard

I can just hope to be there one day

I guess you didn’t know I used to have it all

I thought you should know that

and I don’t think I’ve ever wanted it more than I am today.




2 thoughts on “Cherry trees in my dreams

  1. I dont know this story but i will answer from what i have seen. Why do you dream of a person who is not there? Or Why do you want a person in your life who do not want to be there with you? I do not know what is perfect love but i know what is not. I know that fear of losing someone important can be the cause of losing it. Fear is not love, fear can become obsession, jealousy and these things kills love. One thing that i heard about love made me realize what is love about. You kill love if you point it towards a single point like a person. When this person is not around, love dies. You can love different things, love is not about the object of love. Love is more about can you be loving person. Do not point, spread it. Love your Childs, parents, friends, sun, ocean or whatever you like that is dear to you but remember to spread it. This way when one of these objects are not there anymore your love is not gone, it is still there with others you love not as an object but as your love. Spread it, dont point it and your love never dies.


  2. You are a sweet and sensitive girl. You have all the qualities to be loved exactly the way You are: always remember it yourself. Carry on without stop believing, and your dreams will come true, perhaps even more beautiful than you have imagined.
    A serious guy

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