On the edge of 25

One year ago, turning 24, I promised to myself to become more patient, grateful and gain more wisdom. Now, a year after, I can say that I have (hopefully πŸ˜€ ) gained more wisdom in some areas of life. I have also become more grateful about many things in life, of which family and friends are at the head. Maybe I have also gotten a bit more patience, even though people who know me well might sometimes disagree πŸ˜‰

There remain yet a lot of things to work on with in the future and challenges to overcome. The coming year will hopefully provide me with a graduation of the university, a job, moving back to my home region and if I’m lucky, a special one by my side. Only God knows, if my plans and dreams will work out. If not, something else was planned on my way.

Finally, I believe that different experiences and life itself bring us forward and teach us valuable lessons: through ups and downs towards a brighter future.

“Forgive your past, live your present, look hopefully into the future”



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