On the edge of 2017

In 2016

I understood how friends support each other when times get rough
and that eventually, things will usually turn out just fine
I wondered how something so good can end up being something so bad
and how a fear can have too huge a control over your life

I felt the despair and disappointment of a dear friend
and then saw the smile caused by the greatest joy in life
I faced the innocent eyes of a new life and hope
But I also got to see the pain and the sorrow, even death.

In 2017

I hope to start a new life somewhere else and I hope to be happy.
I hope that my loved ones will be blessed with health, wealth and joy
I hope there will be less pain in the world and more fairness.

In the end, we never really know what plans God has for us
But I would like to believe, there will be a lot of love and life.



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