Today’s thought

Sometimes we have to make hard decisions in order to have an easier life.



You and I

You and I
we left from the same place
ended up in different directions
traveled through some rocky roads
guess it’s you I’ve missed the most

You and I
it’s been twenty years of life
everything had its meaning
the boys the girls the lights in the night sky
got me never thinking why

You and I
landing in the same place
with memories from all the directions
rocky roads becoming steady
suddenly life ain’t that heavy.


When I’m weak, be strong
When I crumble, keep the balance
and when I go left, go right.

But when you see me breaking,
please let me go.

Cause I’m not strong when you are weak
I can’t keep my balance if you crumble
and I can’t go right if you’re still left.

I wish you didn’t have to see my breaking,
oh how I wish you never let me go.


Signs II

Signs all over the place and I was standing still

Always looking for an easy thrill.

Signs all over my body so I kept myself busy

Sunrise used to make me dizzy.


One day He woke me up and opened my eyes

They say it can be a turning point in life.