The greatest power you can have and the strongest wall you can ever lean on.



For the one in the past

You opened my eyes for the world I wasn’t ready for
gave me comfort, love and a reason to die for
You made me feel like home too soon
held me close in a safe spoon
You taught me how to swim in deep water
until I suddenly started feeling like I was undercover.

I am sorry.


Do you remember

Do you remember,
you taught me to forgive
you taught me to accept what’s wrong.

So I will remember,
to forgive those in trouble
to accept the rocky road of life.

But will you remember,
the things you taught about moving on
or accepting the things you can’t change.





Through all the places I’ve been 

through all the faces I’ve seen

thought I had found you. 

In all my dreams I’ve dreamt 

in all those feelings we’ve felt 

Could I have lost you?